112.12.05 (W2) Special Lecture on Generative Al for Academic Writing

Special Guest: Nigel P. Daly (Academic Director and Social Media Content Project Manager)

Date: December 5, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Room i8, iCollege Building, TMU Xinyi Campus.

Participant: Foreign Students

Registration Website: https://forms.gle/Tj3R8rji5YZjMkFv6


 Learn the essential writing skills crucial for career advancement, focusing on research and job application writing in the field of computer science. Discover how genAI tools like ChatGPT can enhance your writing when aligned with reader expectations. Gain insights on meeting research and job application expectations and using AI-human collaboration effectively. Explore tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile for multinational job opportunities with the help of AI tools.

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