2023.04.14 (W5) 2023 Innovation Distinguished Lecture: Research History and Experience Sharing of Hi

Topic:Research History and Experience Sharing of Highly Cited Scholars

Speaker:Jo-Shu Chang Ph.D.

Date:14th Apr., 2023 (Fri.) 10:00-11:30

Room:Chien-Tien Hsu Memorial Hall, 8F, Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building)


This speech is in Chinese.

※ Please must register in advance

※ Registration website: http://event.tmu.edu.tw/actnews/signup.php?Sn=4679

※ Deadline:13rd Apr., 2023(Thu.)12:00


※ Participant:Faculties and students

※ Organizer: TMU Office of Research and Development

※ Contact Person:Tracy Kang(m513097010@tmu.edu.tw)

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